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Staying Inspired During Difficult Times

It’s Robert here, writing to share some thoughts to inspire you to embrace your life and the world in even more positive ways.

As you know, there’s a lot going on in the world right now and so much transition for so many people. There’s political strife and change, health concerns, economic issues, environmental concerns, and it’s affecting so many people around the world.

I actually don’t watch the news because it’s often so biased and negative.

But there’s something you must keep in mind. Even when things around you are not how you’d like them to be, you have power over two things:

1. What you think and talk about
2. How focused you are on the present moment

Sometimes it can be challenging, though, since many people (and the mass media) often talk about problems and fear and negativity.

But YOU are not like most people, you’re a health and wellness entrepreneur who understands and who cares about other people and stands up for what they believe in.

So it’s important to move away from the programmed fear thinking so prevalent out there, and into an optimistic mindset and outlook.

And start to recognize how your thoughts, beliefs and habits affect your happiness, success, and what you accomplish in your business and life.

So, take time each day to become what I call a “conscious observer” of your thoughts.

Do you focus on the good you already have, on what you want to manifest and the goals you’d like to achieve?

Or do you dwell in what’s not working and the problems you have, or problems in the world?

And I’m not suggesting that you only have to think happy thoughts, pray or meditate and good things will magically unfold. You also have to take action to make the goals a reality and seek out support to help you get there.

We all face challenging situations, it’s part of being human. But if you spend more time worrying about problems instead of solutions, you’ll not grow as quickly nor feel as good.

So be honest and notice you’re thinking about. If any worry or fear comes up just simply catch yourself thinking in that pattern, and turn it around.

Ask yourself, “What can I focus on now to help me reach this goal (overcome this challenge, create the success I want) so I can be happy and prosperous?”

There are an infinite number of thoughts you can think and you are the only one in control of which ones you choose.

I believe that we all deserve to feel good and have love in our lives, and the first step is to take a look in the mirror and consider how you can create more love and compassion in your own mind.

And as you do this, one day at a time, you’ll see so many more possibilities open up for you. You’ll also ATTRACT different people and situations into your life, as you change your energy and vibration.

What you put out is a magnet and it draws back the people places and experiences that are of similar energy. 🙂

I believe in you and I want you to succeed and I’m so honored to have you in my community of health and wellness professionals.

Much love and support,


robert notter

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