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Important Insights to Share After My Tick Bite Ordeal

robert notter
I’m writing to wish you a beautiful day and to share something important and very personal.
I’ve not been in touch since August and there’s a reason why, which I’ll explain in a sec.  I’ll also give you some insights into the coaching industry including some truths you need to know that others aren’t talking about.
Long story short, after I hosted my sold-out abundance workshop in NYC last June, I spent the summer working with my wonderful new Abundance Training Program clients, helping them have big breakthroughs in their business and lives.
Then in August I took a vacation to the beach to relax and connect with nature. While I was there, though, I connected with more than I planned on and was bit by a tick.
Unfortunately, the tick gave me a bacterial infection. It was not Lyme disease but it was still something pretty serious. I spent most of September ill, exhausted and dealing with the infection symptoms. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and it was quite challenging.
Thankfully, with the help of my natural healing community, my amazing physician and my strong immune system, I’ve been able to heal from the infection.
That said, those weeks of rest and recuperation gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life, my business and my industry. And I was able to meditate on how I want the next chapter of Robert Notter to unfold.
When I started my coaching business 14 years ago, I was fueled by the desire to make a difference in the world and help people.  I knew I had a calling to serve others, and believe that everyone on this planet is connected by an energy of love.
I have such gratitude for what I do and feel so blessed to have a successful business, one that gives me the freedom to live a life I love and the opportunity to fulfill my mission.
Over the years, though, the coaching industry has changed a lot and not always in positive ways.  And I’m going to be very blunt about what I’ve noticed, which may ruffle some feathers, but I think the truth should be said.
There is so much marketing now everywhere you look. I can’t even open my email or Facebook without seeing someone promoting the secret formula to earn 6-figures in the next month, or some magical product that’s going to change your business or life in record time.
And frankly, I find this type of marketing so disingenuous and lacking in authenticity and integrity, I can hardly even read it anymore.
Part of what’s happened is there are a lot of coaches out there now in the marketplace, and many people see this as an opportunity to make money off of them.
There are also wellness coaches who were not as successful as they wanted, so they then decided to become a “business” coach to earn more income. But how is someone with no experience in building a business actually qualified to help someone else?
Even some health and wellness schools that I respect have become mass marketers, sometimes compromising quality just to get more people in the door and make money.
On a positive note, however, my dissatisfaction about all of this inauthentic marketing has made me realize even more how VERY IMPORTANT it is for me to take what I do to the next level.
And to take a stand for all of the authentic health and wellness professionals out there, just like you, who first and foremost want to help their families, friends and communities so the world becomes a better place.  
It’s time to bring the heart back to the coaching industry.   

Here’s some of what I’m planning in the coming months to serve you, your mission and to help you get out there and make positive change in the world:

  • free monthly videos about confidence building and authentic marketing
  • insider scoop to dispel the myths about success and how to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • online classes and coaching calls to get your questions answered and have more support
  • a free, full-day virtual event this December about how to authentically build your income and business
  • education about money and what it really means and how to embrace abundance
  • success stories from other heart-centered business owners, to inspire you
  • an online community, you can join for free, to connect with like-minded, success driven people
  • opportunities to volunteer for and give donations to important charities
    and MUCH more


Listen, it’s important to feel abundant in your income, certainly. And I’ve also learned that money is only one part of your circle of life and happiness. I want you to have all that you want in every area!

I believe everything happens for a reason. And the time I took off to heal from that tick infection really gave me the opportunity to get even more clear on what I can do to make this world a better place.

I send you lots of love and I thank you, from my heart to yours, for reading this email and listening.

This is just the beginning, and you and I are part of something bigger than we know. You are powerful, inspirational and you have a mission to fulfill.

Together we can do this, so get ready!

In your service,


P.S. If you want learn about and get invited to all of my upcoming free events and have support to grow your biz, be sure to sign up at the bottom of this page. You’ll also get my free Success Jumpstart Training and be added to my VIP mailing list. You’ll be the first to learn about all of the cool stuff I have planned, that I mentioned in this blog post!

robert notter

Simple Steps To Attract High End Clients

robert notterHealth and wellness professionals often hold themselves back from growing their business by telling themselves that it’s not the right time. They say things like: “I’m not ready to charge more; I am not sure people can pay that or if I know enough; the economy is not in great space” and so on.

The thing is, people often feel comfortable where they are since it’s familiar, EVEN though it’s not where they want to be. And at the root of this they often worry about being good enough and how they’ll be perceived by others.

The only way to reduce the fears so that you can take the steps necessary to grow your business is to learn practical tips that make it easy for you to confidently know you are ready to attract high paying clients.

Here are 4 simple tips to get you started:
Tip #1 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Cultivate A Client Attractive Mindset

You don’t need to have been in business for a long time in order to start attracting more clients. But what you must do is think, act and believe in new ways that represent you valuing yourself and your work! It’s time to notice those thoughts that hold you back and the negative stories you tell yourself. The fears that lead you to believe you’re not worthy. Once you see them, you can lessen their grip on you.

Really, what’s the worst that could happen if you go to a networking event and say hello to a few new people? Or finally click send on that newsletter? If you’re consciously and unconsciously letting fears hold you back, it’s costing you money, time and the opportunity to help a LOT of people.

Tip #2 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Include A “Done-for-You” Component In Your Programs

People can’t wait to get their hands on anything that saves them time. When I began adding done-for-you checklists, templates and forms to my programs, the quality and quantity of my clients quickly increased. In fact, I include them in all of my programs and workshops.

A first simple step could be to plan on including a checklist in your client programs. It could be a to do list, or something that helps them take steps to easily reach their goals. Take the guesswork out of it for them, as they want you to make it easy for them. Turn these tips into a sheet that can give to your client. And when you do consultations, you can let the potential client know that they get information that is READY to implement, so they don’t have to figure it out on their own.

Tip #3 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Create Simple, Easy To Follow Marketing Steps

You can’t just wing it, you need to create a step by step plan that spells out exactly what to do, when and how. By taking the guesswork out of your marketing, you boost your confidence and your ability to take action. It’s actually pretty simple, once you have the template down.

Start with writing down how many new high end clients you want, and in what programs. Then, work backwards to meet those numbers through your various marketing strategies (workshops, referral partners, email campaigns, networking etc.). Set the GOAL then put the strategy together and take the steps. Plus, be sure to get support!

Tip #4 For Attracting Higher Paying Clients:
Create A New and Attractive High-End Offer

The great thing is, you don’t need a big list or even lots of experience to get started. What you DO need is a specific offer that clearly spells out the big results clients will get from working with you. And once you add in a few fun bonuses and the details of how you’ll be delivering your service, you then have a brand new program offering that will generate much more income and MANY more sign ups.

Creating high-end client offers is something every business owner, new or experienced, should be including in their business model. Creating and transitioning to high-end offers frees up your time while increasing your cash flow. Start where you are NOW, and take the very next step. It could be an advanced Platinum 6 Month Program, a Mastermind or even a VIP day. You’ll love how quickly these programs help you grow your income.

Remember that all it takes to be ready is to decide and take action!

spotlight coaching

The Truth About The Coaching World

spotlight coachingI want to share candidly so you can separate fact from fiction about what it takes to actually be successful in your business.

And even though what I write may irk other people in the industry I owe it to you to speak out.

When I started 14 years ago as a marketing coach my field was about helping people succeed by building community, sharing knowledge and coming together to make the world a better place.

All these years later the market is flooded with inauthentic coaches who over-promote and promise outlandish results, many of whom are not qualified to actually do the work they’re promoting.

Just because someone has a nice head shot or spends money creating slick videos doesn’t mean their program is actually going to help you grow your practice.

So I wanted to take a stand and help you learn the truth about how to create a more profitable business in a way that’s REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC.

And help you not be overwhelmed by all the marketing coming at you, there’s no need for you to feel confused or deflated about how to grow your practice.

Being successful can’t just be about earning more money, it first has to be about making a genuine contribution and being of service to others.

When you lead with your heart and do what you love, the income and abundance will follow.

This has motivated me to continue my mission and invite you to take a path with me to create a fulfilling business with passion and purpose.

I’m hosting a new Success Retreat in NYC this June and I’ve decided to offer this event for free. You deserve a safe place to have support, regardless of your current financial situation.

I want to get you out from sitting behind your computer and off your cell phone to join me and build community with a small group of other heart-centered entrepreneurs.

We have strength in numbers and can truly make this world a better place.

Heads up, I’m hosting a free call on APRIL 25 where I’ll be taking your questions LIVE and giving you coaching on next steps to grow your business. It’s my gift to you, no strings, and I’m not selling anything on this call.

In fact, I’ll share on the call how to save your seat AS MY GUEST this June to my event in Manhattan.

For now, please put the date on your calendar:

Live Spotlight Coaching Call
April 25 2017 at 7 PM EST

You can read about the call and get the phone number and access code here now: Spotlight Coaching Call

My vision is to help as many business owners as I can who want the tools, knowledge and support to get more clients and create big impact.

There’s a lot of poor health and suffering in the world and so many people who need what you have to offer. And I want to motivate you to get out there and fulfill your destiny.

Thank you for letting me connect with you today. I send you much love and I appreciate you for who you are and all that you stand for.

To your shining success,

P.S. Here’s where you can join us for my Live Spotlight Coaching Call where I’ll personally answer your questions:
Spotlight Coaching Call

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