Robert Notter
Robert Notter

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Dear Heart Centered Coach, Counselor, Healer or Holistic Practitioner,

Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You started your business because you know that you're meant to help many people, and you KNOW that you're still playing small and not yet making the true impact you know you can.

  • You're ready to earn a lot more money, so that you stop worrying about how to meet your own needs, and truly show up as a model of success for your clients.

  • Marketing is confusing to you, and you're not even sure where to start and what to do next to find a client?

  • You want to promote your work with integrity and authenticity, and be true to who you are.

  • You are ready to get your new business off to the right start or take your established business - including your credibility, income and even your lifestyle - to the next level?

  • You've tried a few things - teleseminars, speaking, growing your list etc. - but without great success. And wonder how to maximize your results when you're not really sure what I'm doing wrong?

  • You keep seeing other coaches earn more money (sometimes even secretly feeling little envious) and wonder what YOU need to do so this happens for you?

If any of the above feels familiar to you then you're here for a reason. It's exciting yet challenging to build a business. At the same time it is and can be one of the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have.

You are here to share your gifts with the world so that you can be of service to others and have an incredibly positive impact on this planet. Please know:

This is your moment... the moment to stop doubting yourself, and know that you're meant to succeed and earn great money doing work you love by helping many more people.

Robert with Program members

Today you have a unique and tremendous opportunity to earn wonderful income doing work that you love, work that helps so many people. So that YOU create a lifestyle you love, and model this path of abundance, health and success for all of the people you are meant to serve.

You are here to do something BIG, and it's not by chance that you're reading this now.
The thing is, you may not know what to do next or even where to start. You have tried some things already in your marketing but not with the results you want.

Not to mention that every time you take action, or even think about taking action, those voices in your head say "do I really know enough" or "will people really pay me" or "I'm going to get my website perfect first THEN I'll take that step."

Well, time keeps passing you by with little results, which means you're not making the impact through your work that you deep down KNOW you're meant to.

Are You Ready To Stop Struggling & Start Saying Yes To
What You're Meant To Do?

Welcome to the Income Reinvention Core Training Program: Align You Marketing, Mindset and Message to Create a Profitable, Sustainable and Enjoyable Business During 6 Months Of Personal And Professional Transformation

The Core Training Program is one-of-a-kind -- a program that delivers an easy to follow template to show you step-by-step what to prioritize and focus on to grow your business. And how to structure your work and create an effective marketing plan that will have your business work FOR YOU instead of you working at it. Ultimately, this program helps you put the pieces of the biz growth puzzle together. You'll know how to quickly achieve success starting where you are now, and then how to jump to the next level with confidence.

"My Income Has Doubled"

"Before working with Robert my business was all over the place. I was stressed out and confused because I felt that I needed to be everything to everyone. My business was doing alright but it lacked focus. I was missing a clear path to creating a business that was uniquely me.

Working with Robert has allowed me to define a business that is conducive to my lifestyle. He gave me the ability to stand in my power and work through my self-sabotaging beliefs. As a result my income has more than doubled and I am seen as an expert in my field. I love working with the clients I attract and continue to evolve my business to fit my busy lifestyle. I am grateful to have Robert as my mentor, guide and inspiration."

Waltraud R. Unger, Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

"My private practice has finally taken off!"

"Working with Robert, my private practice has finally taken off! As he showed me how to take action, it quickly increased my self-esteem and confidence tremendously. Robert taught me how to effectively and successfully connect with people in my niche and walked me through the process step by step. He holds me accountable, and lovingly gives me a kick in the butt when I have needed it. His methods are proven and they really work!

My vision for my business is taking shape and continues to grow in wonderful ways. Now, every client I have had a consultation with has signed up for one of my individual or group 6-month programs. His techniques work and my business dreams are coming true!"

Dr. Shari J. Schindel
Clinical Psychologist and Certified Health Coach

"I Have Tripled My Monthly Fee."

"Prior to working with Robert I had only 2 one-on-one clients. Currently I have 7 clients and since joining his program I have tripled my monthly fee. With the tools he taught me I now send out a monthly newsletter on a regular basis, am giving talks, and even had over 40 people in attendance at my last workshop from which I gained new clients and consultations.

Robert has taught me to value what I do and to understand how to run my business like a successful business owner and not like someone who just has a little hobby. I have gained so much confidence and trust in myself from working with him. His support and methods have showed me how to be my authentic self while being a successful business owner."

Suzy Harmon, Health Coach

The Core Training Program is designed to show you exactly how to:

Generate more income right away, and in much less time.

Stop undervaluing your work and stop giving it away without being paid.

Be handed a system of what to focus on to get your business going the fastest way possible.

Receive word-for-word templates and scripts of what to say, when and how, so clients consistently say yes to paying you for your work.

Have a coaching mentor you trust to reveal the secrets to streamlining your business and take it to the next level.

Someone to give you proven, done-for-you templates that will save you precious time and make it easy for you to consistently generate new, higher-paying clients.

Create simple, easy to follow, step-by-step systems teaching you exactly what to do to get the results you want.

Develop new and exciting to offer that will inspire you, revitalize your offers and "wow" your clients.

Design a plan that lays out for you exactly what to do - in a way that's authentic for YOU - to create this kind of income with integrity and confidence.

This is EXACTLY what I'm ready to support you to do...

Let's take a closer look at how you'll be able to share your work with many more clients, and the in-depth training you'll receive during 6 Success Modules (you'll receive 2 modules each month of the 6 months of the program):

Module 1: Profit Plan
"Create a solid foundation for long-term revenue"

In this module you'll discover:

  • Strategies to translate your core skills and expertise into a profitable business
  • How to determine the best business model for your business so you generate consistent income
  • The top 3 systems you'll need to ensure your biz will easily grow even while you sleep
  • How to stand out from your competition, and become a walking billboard for success
  • Income planning and goal setting made easy
    (time to think big!)
  • How to create your money mindset to attract the clients you want (and tools to stop letting fears hold you back)

Module 2: Communication Fundamentals
"Develop a plan to connect with your audience"

In this module you'll discover:

  • How to connect with your ideal clients so you speak the same language, and they know why you are the person they should hire
  • How to master the art of small talk, so someone is immediately ready to take the next step
  • What topics and themes to include in your promotional campaigns, even if you're just starting out so clients sign up
  • Ways to create content for your website and social media that motivates your prospects and clients to immediately invest in your work
  • Experience a simple mindset shift that will help you overcome any fears you may have around selling yourself
  • Know the best strategies to promote and fill your workshops and teleclasses, including no-cost and low-cost options

Module 3: Grow Your List
"Quickly and strategically build your contacts"

In this module you'll discover:

  • The best strategies to quickly generate a consistent stream of new prospects into your business
  • Exactly how to create and structure your "free giveaway" so that you increase your lists by 100s and even 1000s of people
  • How to approach list building partners so they are eager to promote you to their list, so you save time and quickly find more potential clients
  • How list building fits into the bigger picture of both your short-term and long-term business strategy for profitability
  • Why building your list is a lot like building personal relationships, and how to master the art of connection
  • How to use social media to exponentially increase your visibility and credibility, as well as build your list in record time

Module 4: Marketing Strategy
"Leverage your promotional plan for consistent clients"

In this module you'll discover:

  • How to make sense of the marketing puzzle, and understand which marketing strategies are essential for you to earn money, based on where you are in your business now
  • The art of copywriting, and how to master it even if you think you're not a good writer
  • How to easily structure your marketing plan, so you reach your ideal clients at every step of their buying/decision making process, in less time
  • How to create a marketing/promotional timeline, and exactly what to send and when in your marketing sequence, so your followers stay interested and spend money to join your programs
  • The truth about how to build a 6-figure business, and what mistakes to avoid along the way so you save money and time
  • How to authentically include a call to action in every piece of your marketing, so your followers take the next step to hiring you

Module 5: Referral Partner Mastery
"Create relationships that build your income and profits."

In this module you'll discover:

  • Where to find the best referral partners for your business, who will say "yes" to partnering with you so you build your income in less time
  • Word-for-word what to say and write when you reach out to a potential referral partner, so they'll actually respond to you and want to learn more
  • Best ways to present your programs and services so they "get it" and understand how what you do is benefit to both them and their clients/patients
  • What to say during a meeting with referral partners, so you easily articulate your services and have them commit to sending you paying clients and contacts
  • How to keep track of your collaboration partners and build more relationships, so you have a steady stream of new income from referrals
  • How to structure your referral partnerships so it's a win-win, and you'll confidently move forward to in a long-term and profitable relationship

Module 6: Authentic Selling
"Skyrocket your sales with integrity and consistency"

In this module you'll discover:

  • How to determine where your ideals clients are, and how to let the right ones in the door (velvet rope policy)
  • The top 10 characteristics that pre-qualify a client who know will pay you on the spot
  • Word-for-word how to authentically lead sales conversations (script included), so your potential client says yes to your offering almost every time
  • How to overcome, once and for all, the top objections someone has to your programs (not enough time, too expensive, have to talk to my spouse/partner)
  • When to offer your program to a potential client, and exactly how to describe your offering so they pay for and join your program
  • How to powerfully talk about prices, in a way that you own your worth and continually increase your fees

"I Earned More in the First Two Months of this Year Than ALL of Last Year"

"Before working with Robert, I was frustrated knowing that as a Health Coach I was doing great work with the few clients I had, but getting clients was a very slow process. I had great conversations with people about my work, but wasn't able to get many to agree even to a Health History, much less sign up for a program. And when they DID agree to a Health History, the majority walked away not making a decision to work with me.

My marketing approach has totally changed now.  I have my niche clearly defined.  I use more interesting language that really sells benefits and those benefits are specifically related to my target market.  Best of all, I am making more money and enjoying it more. I earned more in the first 2 months of this year than I did all of last year! I can see now how to keep building it bigger. I am creating a 'program plan' for the whole year, with a clear timeline for when to communicate it. Plus, I know how to promote in an authentic way, that grabs people's attention, and there's no stopping me now!"

Paula Antonini, Health Coach

"I Have A Thriving Practice."

"In just a few weeks within starting Robert's program, I have an entirely new outlook on how to attract clients and market myself. Just one week after my first call with him, I got invited to be a guest speaker on a popular radio show. I started signing up consistent clients RIGHT away, and learned how to close the deal. In fact, I have doubled my coaching rates. And even my newsletters improved, with an over 45% open rate!.

I learned how to have fun building a business using his simple tools and I now have international clients. My fears are no longer holding me back, and referral partners are knocking on my door. I was also to secure a workshop with one of the largest construction companies in New England. I am grateful for the support Robert provides to help me do this."

Mike Lamitola, Health Coach and Musician

Now let's take a closer look at how you'll receive this life-changing information, as well as my support and coaching, in this 6 month breakthrough program:

Live Success Retreat with Robert in New York City

This retreat skillfully blends in-depth training, coaching, exercises, and masterminding on your marketing, along with Robert’s powerful coaching to help you create big income breakthroughs. This exciting format is designed to help you understand at a deep level how to move your business forward by quantum leaps instead of by incremental steps.

6 Success Training Modules

You’ll receive curriculum-style marketing training, during the course of 6 Training Modules, in each of the module weeks. Each module is webinar based, and consists of 2 trainings per each of the modules (for a total of 12 classes). Each training includes detailed content, exercises and assignments so you can achieve your income and business goals. You can learn more about the module topics on the accompanying pages. You’ll learn at a comfortable pace, and each module will show you step-by-step exactly what to do to grow your business. The modules are available for viewing online from your computer, mobile device or tablet.

6 Live Q/A & Implementation Calls

Each month, for a total of six calls (one call per month), you’ll be LIVE on the phone with Robert and your program colleagues, giving you the chance to get direct and personalized coaching about your business and marketing strategy. You’ll have your questions answered live, and will stay in action, work through any challenges and easily overcome fears or self-doubt. You’ll know what to do and when, to get to the next big level of income. This direct access to Robert is priceless.

Done-For-You Materials

Each training webinar includes step-by-step templates, handouts and worksheets, all available for immediate download, showing you the right steps to take and in the right order. These beautiful, full color templates represent all of Robert’s expertise and knowledge of how to succeed quickly, saving you money, time and effort.

Recordings of All Core Training Program Calls

All program calls are also available for replay, and are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience. You can listen at home or on the go, and are yours to keep forever. Plus, you’ll have access to the call recordings for the lifetime of the program!

Progress Report Tracking

Staying accountable is a big key to success. You’ll receive a digital progress report to complete each month to submit to the program team. This will help keep you on track, to reach your goals and have a clear action plan for success. And, to overcome any challenges you face along the way.

Exclusive Online Forum

This is a highly valuable opportunity to connect with Robert and your program colleagues, to ask questions, get feedback, share resources, run ideas past each other, and more. You can continue your learning at any time during the program, and have the chance to get support and stay accountable.

"I Have A Real Money Making Business."

"Working with Robert has taken my health counseling practice from a hobby to a real money-making business. His classes and coaching helped me to recognize and overcome the subconscious, self-imposed obstacles that were preventing me from monetary success. He also inspired me to find my motivation and why I deserve to be successful in this field. Once I identified the importance of what drives me, my business literally exploded.

His action-oriented approach helped me to follow through to take the steps necessary to grow my business in a way that is satisfying, lucrative and most importantly fun. I now own my power in a way I only dreamed of, and I continually attract clients that make this work rewarding and fulfilling. I am grateful for this everyday!"

Christine Lucas, Certified Health Counselor

"I Have Doubled My Coaching Rates"

"Working with Robert, helped me to prioritize and focus. He helped me to assess my worth and move pass blocks surrounding being paid more. In fact, I have doubled my coaching rates, and people are consistently signing up! Today my business is way more profitable, and many more income streams. Thanks To Robert I got my article published! It really makes a huge difference when you work with Robert, no need to struggle when you can get someone who can help you grow your clientele, and be profitable!"

Rese Young, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker

"Our List Has Doubled Since Working With Robert."

"Robert helped us get out of overwhelm and inconsistent marketing, and really understand what we wanted to create in our practice. Now we have a solid plan and know exactly what to do to attract the right prospects. The change was subtle yet dramatic. We started talking differently with our contacts, and with more confidence. With each event we started getting more people to sign up for our newsletter, and more people to contact us for our programs.

Our list has doubled since working with Robert because now we know what to and attract the right people. In fact, after one of our talks, the American Diabetes Association contacted us to do a demonstration at their expo. Now we know how all the pieces come together to make a long-term, results oriented plan and we have the confidence to execute that plan!"

Cindy & Jeff Berkowitz
Health Coach & Private Chef

Plus you'll also receive these Business Building BONUSES, valued at more than $2,400

Bonus #1: Niche Breakthrough Audio Training
Value: $697

In this downloadable audio, you’ll learn how to find your perfect niche. You’ll know the exact types of ideal clients who are ready to invest in your programs and services. Your niche is the most critical success ingredient of your business foundation. During this audio, you’ll learn who your “tribe” is, where to find them, and exactly what they’re looking for. This way you can authentically market to them in a way that has them say yes to investing in your programs and services.

Bonus #2: Success Jumpstart Call
Value: $197

Bonus "kick start" call in June to get your business prepared for an awesome start in the program. You'll receive coaching from Robert focused on setting your goals and being clear on how you want your income to grow. Plus, live coaching on how to get the most from the Core Training Program. This is the perfect opportunity to begin making important mindset shifts and prepare yourself for taking a big leap forward, plus connect with your Income Reinvention colleagues.

Bonus #3: Networking Success Secrets
Bonus Video Training
Value: $497

You'll learn the most effective and simplest ways to get out there and network, to both find paying clients and quickly grow your contact list. Even if you’re introverted, this video will teach you where to network, how to network, and even how to create your own unique Elevator Speech. You'll know what to do every time you are out and about connecting with people, to have many new contacts take the next steps to join your programs and courses, and have fun while you do it!

Bonus #4: Money Breakthrough
Bonus Video Training
Value: $497

This bonus video will teach you how to overcome, once and for all, any limiting beliefs about money or the value of your work. This patented, step-by-step process, will help you earn more money by removing the blocks (unconscious and conscious) that you have around your income. You’ll work through past limitations with wealth and learn to release the negative people and situations in your life that keep you from unlimited income. You’ll confidently own your worth, charge what you deserve, and claim your money power.

Bonus #5: 6-Figure Newsletter
Secrets Handbook
Value: $397

You'll learn exactly how to create, write, deliver and organize your newsletter. Even if you're not a good writer, you'll feel confident sending your E-zine out and know what to write so that your clients say yes to your promotions. Plus, you’ll save time by learning how to automate the process, manage your contacts and stay in touch. This way, you'll grow your income even while you sleep.

Bonus #6: Income Generating Rolodex
Value: $197

Free downloadable copy of Robert's Success Rolodex, full of resources to use, at a special savings, to grow your business (newsletters, client payments, online scheduling, audio recordings, teleseminar hosting, websites, shopping carts and much more).

Bonus #7: Create Your Profitable Signature Program Audio Training
Value: $197

You'll learn, step by step, how to transform "that thing you do" into your own Signature Branded Program that will make you stand out as an expert in your field. You'll get my exact formula on how to design and deliver every phase of your programs so your clients achieve results and your income grows.

Bonus #8: Free ticket to Robert's Live
2016 Fall Workshop, plus a you
can bring a friend for free
Value: $997

Would you like to be in a room full of other AMAZING entrepreneurs, of like mind, who are committed to success? Well, you'll be the first to receive a ticket, and you'll get to attend for free as one of Robert's highly valued Income Reinvention Program members. These are the people who are committed to sharing their work with MANY more clients, to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world. And the same people who want to and do earn 6-Figure income doing work they love. The opportunity to connect with this high level of big thinkers is priceless. You'll make friends, get referrals, and have a community to support you to think big!

Your Success Schedule:
Here’s how the program works and what you can expect each week per month of the
6 month Core Training Program
(which begins in July 2016)!

"I Have Increased My Revenue 30% In 6 Months"

"I have been in business for 25 years, and although I have been making a decent living I realized I was doing the same thing over and over again. I was not keeping up current trends and burning out. Since I have been working with Robert I have a whole new look to my business and have reinvented myself. I am doing seminars, teleseminars programs, Skye programs, and I have only just begun. My motivation has returned to what it was 25 years ago.

I have only been working with Robert for 6 months and I have increased my revenue 30 percent. I look forward to quadrupling it and more. This was the best decision I made. I went into it thinking 'I can't afford this', now I say I cannot afford not to work with Robert I feel alive again in business."

Barbara Crosby, Motivational Coach

"My newsletter subscriber contacts have increased by 600%."

"My newsletter subscriber contacts have increased by over 600% in just 3 months. I've also made more money in the last 4 months than I have ALL of last year. I'm so grateful.

The other thing is that Robert really holds you in your own power, and helps you to be better than you think you can possibly be. He has helped me gain my confidence and believe in myself, and support my clients. He encourages me to reach higher than I could have possibly imagined. Deciding to work with him in his Mastery Program has been one of the best choices I have ever made."

Mark Carlson, Certified Health Coach/Consultant

And if you submit your application BY TUESDAY JUNE 28th
(and are accepted into the program)
you'll also get this BIG bonus!

Special Bonus #1: Private 1-on-1 Coaching Call
With Robert
Value: $597

You'll have an entire coaching session with Robert, to set your goals, get a strong start, and know exactly what to do to get clients even before the program starts. This opportunity will create a big shift for you in your business.

You'll get super clear on how to start your path of success, and exactly which steps to take now to start building your business. And you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and get PERSONALIZED coaching, so you feel fully supported.

Only a select few will double their income this year and triple their free time. Will you be one of them?

Your success starts when YOU decide and take action.
Here's how to get started and apply for
Income Reinvention Membership...

Click here to download the Income Reinvention CORE PROGRAM OVERVIEW that details all of the features and benefits ofthe Income Reinvention. I suggest you PRINT it out and read through it carefully and get excited! This is your next step.

Complete your NO-RISK application in full using the entry boxes below (click here) and please answer all of the questions thoroughly. Remember, you MUST APPLY BY June 28th to be considered for the program AND SPECIAL SAVINGS. (Applications are considered in the order in which they are received).

Once we've received your application Robert will contact you by phone and email within 1 business day regarding your application. Then, you'll schedule a no-cost phone conversation (Income Reinvention Core Program Interview) to discuss the Income Reinvention Core Program with him personally. You'll have the opportunity to talk about your goals, what you want to accomplish in your business, and how you can potentially have his support plus the group support, to skyrocket your business and quickly earn more money.

During this empowering conversation, you and Robert will become clear if the path of the Income Reinvention is right for you, to join this exclusive and empowering program. This conversation is only for serious entrepreneurs who are committed to taking action to achieve success.

Simply filling out the application alone will shed so much light on how you want your business to grow!

Good News
Your Special Investment & Special Savings For Webinar Viewers!
 We've made this an easy decision for you and your investment is one you’ll be so happy about!

Core Training Program:

    You'll have a payment plan with easy low payments of
    $197 per month
    (once per month for 6 months starting in July).
Or, if decide you'd like to invest in full upfront, we'll even give you an ADDITIONAL savings off of the entire Income Reinvention Core Training Program.

* Once you submit your free application, you'll then talk with Robert personally. If you both decide that this program is right for you, you'll then secure your spot in the Core Training Program by simply putting down the modest one-time $297 deposit. You can submit your free application by clicking here now.

With this kind of support over the course of the 6 month Program (which runs from July through December 2016), your Core Training Program Membership will likely pay for itself with just one new client. With such a low membership rate, how can you not afford to take advantage of this timely opportunity?!

* Program Cancellation and Refund Policy: once you and Robert agree to have you join the program (during your phone conversation) he will register you by phone and process your deposit.

Cancellation of your program requires a 30 day written notice to Robert (before the date of your next monthly program payment), and then a follow up phone call to confirm that you'd like to cancel your program. Once cancelled, no further payments will be made to your credit card.

Refunds are not permitted once a charge has been processed. And under no circumstances will requests for refunds be submitted or processed once the program has ended (program end date June 15, 2016).
Robert Notter


Complete Your Application Below BY TUESDAY JUNE 28th:
(No payment is required to apply)
You'll then schedule a complimentary, PRIVATE "see if this is a fit" conversation to answer your questions. Then you can make your final decision!

*1. Please describe your business as it today (including how long you've been in business, your programs, products, list size, team size and successes).

*2. If you are accepted into the program, what are your top 3 goals you want to accomplish during the next year?

*3. What are the 3 challenges you would like to overcome to achieve a quantum leap in your business?

*4. What is your Financial Goal for 2017?

*What is your projected 2016 income?

*5. Are you willing to do what it takes, challenge yourself to get OUT of your comfort zone, eliminate excuses and be unstoppable towards your own success?

*6. When you make a decision do you:
make it quickly
think about it
analyze pros/cons then make a decision
analyze for a long time and not make a decision

*7. Please rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) your satisfaction level in the following areas.
a. Business:
b. Financial:
c. Family:
d. Health/Fitness:
e. Spiritual:
f. Recreation/Fun:
g. Social:
h. Personal Time:
i. Mindset:

*8. How willing and ready are you to invest in yourself right now to play big?
(Time, dedication, financial resources)

*9. What else would you like me to know in considering your application?

Name of Business:
*Street Address:
*Zip Code:

After you submit your no-risk application (after filling out the above information THEN clicking the button below), Robert and his team will review it carefully. Then, Robert will be in touch to discuss the Income Training Program with you personally!


I can't wait to welcome you to the Income Reinvention Core Training Program. It's an honor to support you, and I look forward to supporting you to create an amazing year!

So if you're ready to take your new or existing business to the next level and you want the specific training, mindset shifts, systems and coaching skills to do so, don't wait another moment, apply now.

To your shining success,

Robert Notter
Marketing & Mindset Coach

P.S. Questions? Feel free to email or call 212-541-8794

"My Income Has Increased Over 500%."

"In the last year of working with Robert in his Program, I was able to leave my corporate job. I've already signed up 10 high paying Platinum Clients. I even launched a successful group program. In addition, I've given many workshops. And I am excited to share I just started a venture with a physical therapist to work in her office.

At this point, these successes have helped me increase my newsletter subscribers by over 400%. In the last 6 months, I've increased my income by OVER 500 % than what I made ALL of 2014 in my health coaching practice. PLUS I have a foundation that is sending out a newsletter on my behalf to over 50,000 people! So not only has my business grown, I am helping and reaching a lot more people!"

Mina Penna, Health Coach

"I Stopped Undercharging For My Services."

"Working with Robert, I was able to move past my fears and into my power, and stop letting inner voices hold me back from relating to people. I've not only learned practical tools, like how to write emails, discuss my fees and do videos, I also had the results that came with it. I've had a big boost in my income and finally stop undercharging for my services.

I am now a regular instructor at Rutgers University teaching energy medicine classes. I've significantly increased my mailing list, and regularly have referral partners sending me clients. His tools are easy to implement, and I've been able to take part in his classes in a way that only saved me time, not take away from my day. I've even hired an assistant to support me. And I started working with publishing company and began writing on my very own book!"

Irina Maryanchik
Energy Medicine Practitioner & Integral Yoga Instructor

"I have two doctors sending me clients consistently."

"I felt overwhelmed trying to target areas to grow my business as a Health Counselor. Then I remembered the support, light and direction I received from Robert when I was fresh out of school. I contacted him and he came through for me with a light stronger than ever. Now, I am attracting clients, have more confidence and direction and don't even think about the economy. Robert is a gem, a Business Coach with heart.

Working with Robert has given me a financial safety net and a belief in myself. Every time I have a concern or need a boost he is there. He helped me calm down and feel that anything is possible. And he listens and really cares. I am able to listen to my intuition more and take chances I never took before. Presently, I am having success and great fun presenting at corporate health fairs. I now have two doctors sending me clients consistently. Before my business coaching with Robert I never would have had the confidence to reach out to these areas."

Ellen Ziegler, CHHC, Certified Coach

"I Am Presenting About Health On Capitol Hill"

"I owe a lot to Robert for where my business is today and for where I know it is heading. What I didn't realize when I joined the program was how much I was going to be looking inside and figuring out personal issues and fears I had about money and setting boundaries. Robert has helped me find ways to manage my workload so that I am consistently taking action and no longer overwhelmed.

I've learned to value myself and my time and feel confident in charging for my work. In fact, clients are now paying $3000 for my 4-month program. I've also learned to get clear on my niche and become more visible. And I have a number of major events coming up including presenting at Capitol Hill! What brought all of this together was taking action and not aiming for perfection. If it hadn't been for Robert, such simple yet profound notions would have eluded me for a long time."

Rana Ghaoui, Health Coach

"I Have A 100% Closing-the-Deal Success Rate"

"When I met Robert, I thought I knew everything I needed to be and stay successful, but I was wrong. Fortunately with Robert's mentoring and classes, I learned that though I had some success, there were several crucial aspects of marketing and business management that I was missing, and I was stuck.

Over the course of the next several months, he helped me to understand, fine tune and deliver my marketing action plan in a more effective manner with great results. Now, I have more confidence, more energy and a better outlook. I also run a thriving health coaching practice and have a 100% closing-the-deal rate thanks to his tools!"

Patrick Martin, Jr., Nutritional Consultant

"My clients now pay me $1,500 per month for my program."

"Prior to working with Robert, I felt lost in a fuzzy cloud of "Where do I begin?" I wanted to help anyone and everyone with very little focus and certainly without a niche or specialty. This made it very difficult to market myself let alone explain what I did for a living.

Robert offered "done for you" lists and activities that walked me step by step through finding my niche AND in writing a teleclass! Brilliant! His teaching skills made the process easy and super fun. Now, I enjoy telling people what I do for a living, and I'm attracting elite clientele who pay $1,500 a month for my diamond platinum program. I radiate gratitude for the work Robert does in this world. His skills and knowledge allow me to fulfill my dreams and help change the way the world person at a time."

Allison Suter, Elite Nutritional Coach

"My confidence has grown, and I can take on anything."

"Before working with Robert I was interested in building my practice, but felt very unclear about how to move my business ahead, and didn't feel confident. I was not focused, and didn't really know what to do first. I knew I wanted to make more money, but needed direction.

Robert's classes and coaching helped me understand how to implement my ideas, to define my company's purpose, and then take action. And, he didn't let me settle for less than he knew I could be! The amazing results are that I have many wonderful clients and I feel great about how I am building my business each week. I have time for my family, and earn much more income with time left over. My confidence in myself as a business woman and a busy mother of 3 has grown - I can take on anything!"

Suzanne Girard Foote, Yoga Instructor
New Mother Yoga and Wellness

"I overcame my fears and left my day job to do coaching full time."

"Before I began working with Robert, I was simultaneously working a 9-5 job while building a private practice. I was stressed out, overwhelmed and didn't have clarity. I had a lot of fears around putting myself out there and really committing to a direction. I felt like I had to choose between coaching and a "stable" job. I was really confused about what direction I should take.

I really credit Robert for taking my private practice to the next level. He enabled me to confront my fears. He helped me find the confidence to believe in myself and the services I offer. Through his support I have been able to leave the security of my full time job and commit to building my practice my full time. This has allowed me to make time for my own self-care and spend more time with my family. I have many more clients and my business continues to grow. I feel truly blessed to have Robert in my life."

Jennifer Bronsnick, Clinical Social Worker & Coach